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Entertainment and Media

Representative Experience

  • Lead counsel negotiating acquisition, licensing, employment, production, finance and distribution agreements for new media, television, film, and software including:

    • Representing publicly-traded video game company in co-development, co-production, and co-finance deal for scripted animated television series on major streamer;

    • Representing production company as head production counsel for high profile theme week consisting of thirty hours of original programming for YouTube;

    • Representing celebrity with respect to licensing audio library to satellite radio station;

    • Representing new media company with respect to licensing video library to online platform;

    • Representing executive producers with respect to television deal;

    • Representing writer, director and producer for feature film deal with a mini-major studio;

    • Representing producers in production, finance and distribution deal for a feature film with a major studio; and

    • Representing celebrity client with respect to branded content deal, including equity grant in company.


  • ·Special outside counsel in connection with entertainment and media companies and their executives, including with respect to representing:

    • Publicly-traded video game company with respect to advertising, media and communications laws, including FCC regulations, FTC regulations and state privacy regulations, including the CCPA.

    • C-level executive for employment contract with famous family entertainment and dining company;

    • C-level executive for employment contract with new media company;

    • C-level executive in transition out of unicorn ahead of an IPO; and

    • Start-up social media company with respect to initial company set-up, organization, key employee contracts and early debt and equity financing.

Elliot Gipson PC
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